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Essay writing forms a critical part of a student’s academic life. Whether it’s middle school, graduate school, or even college, every student is required to master essay writing skills before being allowed to proceed to the next level or graduate.

Essays are academic papers written by students at different academic levels, and they’re mainly based on their personal ideas, observations, and experience. Along with helping students demonstrate their understanding of the subject, essay writing is important as it allows students and researchers to express their thoughts, opinions, and feelings about a particular subject. 


Easy as it may sound, however, mastering essay writing skills isn’t necessarily a simple endeavor. For starters, there are different types of essays in academic writing, which can be confusing to students. What’s more, these different essay types are governed by different grammar rules, further complicating the prospects of crafting high-quality essays. Unsurprisingly, most students and researchers end up hating writing essays, with phrases such as ‘How can I check my essay’ dominating most search engines.

If that sounds like you, our online free essay checker is what you need. Powered by AI, ML, and English grammar rules, the essay helper scans your essays for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. After flagging all the mistakes, the tool provides a contextual background explanation behind every mistake, so you can avoid them in the future.

The essay writing helper, also doubles as an essay plagiarism checker free tool, letting you catch accidental plagiarism before handing in your essays. This feature is particularly important, as plagiarism is considered one of the biggest transgressions in academic writing.

Before we take a look at these features in detail, let’s briefly explore the four most common types of essays.

4 Common Types of Essays

Although there are multiple types of essays, they can be profiled into four main categories i.e descriptive, argumentative, narrative, and expository essays.


Argumentative essays

As the name suggests, these types of essays are mainly geared toward presenting an evidence-backed argument. In other words, the primary aim of the author is to convince the reader to join their side of the argument using evidence, facts, and analysis. Argumentative essays are the most common types of essays in college, as most papers you write at this level involve some form of argumentation.

Expository essays

Unlike argumentative essays, these types of essays are mainly used to relay or communicate factual information. When writing an expository essay, you don’t need to have an original argument. All you need is a well-thought-out and balanced view of the subject and you are good to go. In the academic setting, expository essays are used to test a student’s familiarity with a particular topic and their ability to collate and relay information.

Narrative essays

As epitomized in their name, narrative essays are used to tell stories, and they’re easily the most personal types of essays you’ll ever come across. As the author, narrative essays let you exercise your imagination and creativity, which is why they’re mainly used as college and graduate school applications.

Descriptive essays

These types of essays are used to describe a person, place, or thing in detail. Just like their narrative counterparts, descriptive essays allow you to inject personal touch and creativity into your writing. And unlike their narrative cousins, with unlimited scope, descriptive essays tend to mainly focus on the subject.

5 Common Mistakes in Essay Writing

The generally accepted chronology of writing an essay starts with crafting a solid thesis statement, a comprehensive body supported by facts, and an unforgettable conclusion. Whilst that’s a healthy place to start, you need to familiarize yourself with grammar errors that you can potentially make. In this section, we are going to share a carefully crafted checklist of the 5 common essay writing mistakes, as well as a detailed guide on how to avoid them.

Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

According to a recent study, it is estimated that a college student in the US writes an average of 15 essays per semester. This loosely averages out at 50 pages of writing or a whopping 25,000 words. Even for the most proficient student, it is almost impossible to accomplish all that without making a single mistake.

Punctuation Mistakes

Punctuation marks are important elements in essay writing, and indeed, any other form of writing. Used incorrectly, punctuation marks can confuse readers or completely alter the meaning of a sentence. Collectively, there are multiple English punctuation marks, and an equally impressive list of rules, which makes mastering them all feel like an almost impossible task. Common punctuation errors in essay writing often revolve around missing punctuation marks, misplaced punctuation marks, confusing use of punctuation marks, and overt use of punctuation marks.

Run-on Sentences

Another typical and mostly overlooked essay writing-related mistake entails run-on sentence formation. Commonly referred to as fused sentences, these types of sentences are formed when two or more independent ideas in a sentence are joined without proper punctuation or aren’t separated by a coordinating conjunction. Basically, coordinating conjunctions are words or phrases used to connect two independent clauses in a sentence. They include the following phrases: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so. Since run-on sentence construction affects the sentence structure fundamentally, you need to deal with the mistake on a sentence level. This could mean either separating the two independent clauses using a comma or inserting a comma before the conjunction.

Subject-Verb Disagreement

Pellentesqu ferentum eiros and varius dolor posuere lectus.Subject-verb disagreement occurs when the subject in a sentence and its respective verb don’t rhyme in plurality or singularity. Subject-verb agreement is one of the most critical concepts in English writing, as a disagreement between the two can affect the readability of your texts. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most common mistakes made by students when writing essays. Fortunately, our free essay grader will scan your sentences for subject-verb disagreement and suggest possible remedies to correct the error.


Plagiarism is the unethical act of presenting someone else’s work or idea as your own. As a student, you are required to source information for your essays from different sources to support your arguments and thesis statement. While at it, however, you need to properly reference your essays and credit the original authors, or else, risk falling into the plagiarism trap. Today, most graduate schools and universities around the world use plagiarism checkers to ensure their students’ essays are clean and 100% unique. And since it is considered a form of academic dishonesty, plagiarism attracts lower grades and even expulsion for students caught in the act.

Useful Features of Our Essay Checker and Corrector

Recognizing the common errors plaguing students, our engineering team has developed a grammar checker online free for an essay tool to overcome these challenges. Here are some of the helpful features of our tool that will come in handy in streamlining your editing and proofreading process.

Essay Grammar Checker

Our essay writer helper will help you produce high-quality, thorough, and error-free essays by handling your typos, sentence structure errors, and tone improvement, all without breaking a sweat. After flagging the mistakes, the tool will provide real-time suggestions on how to correct them, making it a great learning resource. And since it automatically and concurrently checks your texts for grammar and spelling errors, you don’t need to conduct separate checks.

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Punctuation Checker

Marks of punctuation are critical elements in English writing. On top of adding clarity to your sentences, they allow you to pause between words, as well as highlight certain sections in a sentence or paragraph. As a student, the last thing you want is for a misused comma, omitted quotation mark, or even a misplaced period to confuse your readers. The free essay checker online tool will ensure correct punctuation usage in your writing, creating clarity and better understanding among your readers.


Essay Grader

As a student, chances are you’ve typed phrases such as ‘How can I rate my essay online’ or even “How to grade my essay for free.’  This is because a student’s overall grade can be easily used to assess their understanding of the subject, as well as their articulation skills. Grading entails the teacher going through the students’ essays and providing feedback on areas they need to improve on, a process that requires a lot of back and forth. If you are a student, our tool comes with a free online essay grader, which gives you a rough idea of the final score before submitting your essays. 

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Run-on Sentence Checker

As indicated earlier, run-on sentence construction occurs when two or more independent clauses in a sentence are fused without a period, semicolon, or coordinating conjunction. The only problem with run-on sentences is that they distort the structure of your sentences and even make them hard to follow. 


Plagiarism Checker

Crafting a thorough, coherent, and factual essay paper calls for a hearty investment of time and money. And even then, you need to set aside a significant portion of your time to deal with common grammatical mistakes. Of all the writing transgressions that a student can potentially make, however, plagiarism is the hardest to tackle. Our online essay grader and plagiarism checker will ensure you catch both intentional and accidental plagiarism in your texts before handing them in.

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How to Use Our Free Online Essay Helper

One of the reasons why our essay checker online free tool is popular among students, researchers, and teachers is its easy-to-use interface. The minimal features and modern design of our essay error checker mean you don’t require any technical or IT skills to use it. 

To check your essays using our tool, simply follow these easy steps:

Why Use Our Essay Helper Online

There are hundreds (possibly thousands) of essay helper free tools currently available on the market. Unfortunately, not all of them are created equal. Some can barely flag even the most obvious grammar errors, while others are out to harvest users’ personal information.

So, what makes our essay grader free checker much better compared to other editing and editing tools on the internet? Here are some of the reasons why students use and trust our checker for their essays, thesis, dissertations, and other academic papers.

Real-Time Results

As a student, juggling between classes, assignments, and personal life can be challenging. Worse still, crafting an all-encompassing essay requires you to master the different English grammar rules, which can be especially hard if you are a non-native English speaker. Luckily, our essay rater and checker scans your texts for grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and stylistic errors in real time, significantly reducing the time taken to proofread your work.

Reliable Results

Human editors and proofreaders are renowned for their eye for detail and strict adherence to grammar. However, even the most experienced human editor can make grammar blunders. On the flip side, our essay rater is powered by modern technologies and English grammar, allowing it to conduct robust grammar and spell checks. The essay helper’s algorithms flag potential grammar blunders in your writing and generate context-specific suggestions to assist with grammar, spelling, punctuation, tone, style, word usage, wordiness, and even plagiarism.

Improved Vocabulary

If you are an English learner, you’ll appreciate the fact that our essay checker is a great learning resource. After flagging mistakes, it offers alternative word suggestions for overused phrases, which helps improve your English vocabulary. It also provides remedies for misused and misspelled words, improving the overall readability of your writing.

Multi-Device Compatibility

One of the reasons why our essay checker free tool excels is its versatility. It is available via mobile, tablet, and PC, making it easier to check your essays from anywhere. It is also available as a Chrome extension, which comes in handy when editing emails, social media posts, and any other online document.


Our AI-powered free essay checker and corrector come with a free-to-use version, making it ideal for students working on a tight budget.

Use our essay helper today and get rid of grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes in your writing.